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Anatomy of the smile: evening out of the gum lines

Anatomy of the smile: evening out of the gum lines

The gum lines are the areas where the teeth meet the gums. To approach the maximum aesthetic of the smile explained here, it is necessary to even out the gums and gum lines, as the gum line of each tooth has to be at the right height. This means that the lines of the central incisors (green line in the image) have to be at the same height as the lines of the canines (black line in the image) and approximately 0.5 mm higher than the line of the lateral incisors (blue line).

Evening out of the gum lines

nivelación de los márgenes gingivales

When planning treatment, I carefully plan the heights of the gum lines, because over the years a worn tooth may lead to a slow eruption, and if a tooth erupts slowly, the gums follow the tooth and lower as well. In these cases, I even out the gums, that is to say, the gum lines, and then reconstruct the worn tooth.

Contorno estético del margen gingival | Gingivoplastia

It is easy to see the impressive aesthetic improvement when the gum lines are evened out (even without aesthetic treatment).

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