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Anatomy of the smile: position of the incisal edges

Anatomy of the smile: position of the incisal edges

The incisal edges in the smile refer to the edges of the upper front teeth. To approach the maximum aesthetic of the smile explained here, the 6 front teeth have to have their incisal edges ordered by height.

Position of incisal edges

The central incisors are approximately 0.5 mm longer than the lateral incisors, and at the same height as the incisal edges of the canines. See the green line in the image. (These heights are seen thus if the teeth are viewed perpendicularly; if the teeth are viewed from the front, the incisal edges have to follow the smile line of the lower lip.)

bordes incisales en la sonrisa

Taking into account that the gum lines have to be evened out, first the gum lines are evened out and then the incisal edges are reconstructed in cases where they are worn.

The images below show the change with the evening out of the gum lines and the incisal edges.

nivelación de márgenes gingivales y de los bordes incisales

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