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Bands or self-ligating brackets in braces?

Bands or self-ligating brackets in braces?

What are bands in braces?

In braces, bands, also known as “ligatures”, are elastic bands or small steel wires that attach the wire to the bracket. This in turn lets the bracket exert the proper force on the teeth.

ligas en ortodoncia con bracketsbrackets con ligaduras

Brackets that require ligatures have many disadvantages compared to self-ligating brackets, which do not require them. Brackets that do not require ligatures to hold the wire in place may also be called self-ligation brackets.

Disadvantages of brackets with ligatures or bands in braces:

1. As they hold the wire in place, they do not let the teeth slide easily, and sothe teeth move more slowly.

2. More force must be appliedto move the teeth. This may increase discomfort.

3. Ligaturesretain more dirt.

I personally prefer to use self-ligating brackets. However, if I have to place ligatures for any reason, I prefer to place metal ligatures and not elastic ones. This is because, all things considered, they are cleaner and let the teeth move more.

Here you can see why we use metal ligatures and their advantages over elastic ligatures.

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