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Braces for the front teeth — Social 6

Braces for the front teeth — Social 6

Many patients come to our office due to slight crowding or because they have had a slight relapse in another treatment, and ask to solve their problems as quickly and easily as possible. They just want to fix this slight problem involving only the front teeth, on the top or bottom alone, or in both dental arches.

“Social 6” is a term currently used in orthodontia to refer to aligning the 6 teeth in the upper and lower front area, that is to say, the teeth shown in a smile (hence the term). It involves treating only the teeth from canine to canine, and is done in cases of slight front teeth crowding, spaces between the teeth, slight relapse, etc. This type of treatment is characterised by being quicker, more affordable and more convenient, with the required results being seen in a very short time.

This treatment is done with customised modern orthodontic appliances, which may be traditional invisible lingual braces,  Incognito Lite invisible lingual braces or Invisalign Lite (before, we also had Invisalign Anterior) and now Invisalign i7 as well. These are the most affordable and quickest versions of these appliances. They are strongly recommended in adult patients to solve slight crowding.

Cases solved with Invisalign AnteriorInvisalign Lite and STB Social 6 lingual brackets are shown here.

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