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Braces in teens — What types of braces are there?

Braces in teens — What types of braces are there?

Braces in teens

The ideal age for orthodontic treatment is 13 to 20. This is the ideal time to start orthodontic treatment for many reasons, especially bone physiology, ease of treatment, gum health, etc.

More and more teens are preferring that their orthodontic appliances be invisible. The problem is mainly social and easily to solve with invisible braces with Invisalign Teen or incognito invisible lingual braces. The main types of braces in teens are as follows:

1. Transparent appliances with Invisalign Teen

2. Invisible lingual brackets, which are placed on the inner part of the teeth, with incognito invisible

ortodoncia en adolescentes barcelona

3. If treatment that is as quick as possibleis desired, other solutions are as follows:

  • Braces with Clarity SL self-ligating ceramic brackets
  • Damon system (though these are visible metal brackets)

At the first visit, a check-up and a full study of the mouth and face are done. Afterwards, a treatment plan and estimate are provided.

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