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Dental aesthetics, orthodontics and digital smile design

Dental aesthetics, orthodontics and digital smile design

Dental aesthetics and orthodontics are two branches of dentistry that are very closely related, and work in tandem formidably well to achieve solutions for cases. Orthodontics is responsible for correcting the positions of the teeth, while aesthetic procedures address the color and the shape of the teeth.

Course on DSD certification and orthodontics planning

On December 14 I attended a course for certification in DSD – Digital Smile Design – and a course on DSD combined with orthodontics. This meant coming together with professional colleagues and friends, and sharing different points of view on multidisciplinary treatments (orthodontics + aesthetics + implants + periodontics, etc.).ortodoncia friedlander barcelona curso DSD planificacion This course was to provide us with the tools required for better planning of cases needing aesthetics following orthodontic treatment, and to network with other professionals who might send us orthodontics patients prior to aesthetic or multidisciplinary treatment.

ortodoncia friedlander barcelona curso DSD planificacion estetica

Dr. Vicente Berbís presenting his ideas on DSD.

As of January 2016 we will be implementing DSD protocols for patients looking for excellent aesthetics at the end of their orthodontic treatment. This blog post brings to a close a year that has been full of advances and growth, both personally and professionally.

I wish you all a very happy new year.

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