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General information about invisible braces in Barcelona

General information about invisible braces in Barcelona

Whenever we do orthodontic treatment, whether with esthetic ceramic or sapphire brackets, invisible braces like invisalign or lingual braces, our objectives are to enable proper functioning of the mouth and to offer a pleasing dental appearance.

More and more people are looking for orthodontic treatment in the hopes of improving their smile without having to show a poorer dental appearance during the orthodontic treatment. We understand this need, especially in adult patients; when we carry out an orthodontic treatment, our objective is not only to offer a functional and esthetic solution to the dental problem, but also to maintain a good image and esthetics throughout the treatment with braces.

We are very aware of the importance of your esthetic needs and your smile, for this reason we offer the two most esthetic and invisible techniques, incognito lingual braces and Invisalign invisible braces, so that people around you are not aware that you are wearing braces. We also use ceramic and sapphire brackets in place of metal brackets. If you use one of these techniques, no one will notice that you are following an orthodontic treatment; you can keep smiling throughout the whole treatment, while your teeth are evolving toward a beautiful smile.

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The purpose of treatment at Friedländer Orthodontics in Barcelona is to achieve proper alignment of the teeth; for this reason we offer the best and the latest materials and technologies

At our orthodontics office in the Gracia district of Barcelona, we make use of all of today’s available orthodontic techniques; we seek to offer our patients a whole range of possibilities, and provide excellent orthodontic treatment no matter how complicated the situation of your teeth and your smile.

The first step is a first visit where we offer our patients assessment and guidance. At the first visit, we get to know our patients and their needs, concerns and worries with respect to their dental problem. At this visit, we will explain to the patient what the problem is, how we can solve it and what orthodontic systems and techniques can be used, we show them other similar cases that were solved and explain to them the price of the orthodontic work and its value.

The second step is the orthodontic study. We are very aware of the complexity of orthodontic treatment and the multiple factors that are involved. Each case at Friedländer Orthodontics Barcelona is studied individually after collecting the necessary information.

The study at Friedländer Orthodontics Barcelona includes:

Clinical history.

Intraoral exploration.

Extraoral examination of the patient’s profile.

Intraoral photography and photography of the patient’s face.

Photographs of the smile and certain positions of the lips.

Plaster models


Lateral X-ray of the profile

Other tests such as computerized tomography (CBCT), magnetic resonance imaging, etc.

Once the case has been studied, we plan out how we will solve the malocclusion and how we will provide an esthetically pleasing smile.

If you are looking for a solution to a dental problem, you are not satisfied with the results of an orthodontic treatment obtained from other providers, or you simply wish to improve the esthetics of your smile, come see us in our Barcelona office. Our professional team will offer you the best solutions, adjusted to your needs.

A few success cases from our office are shown here.

For further information please contact us by telephone (+34) 93 832 72 81.

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