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Gingival embrasures: aesthetic orthodontic treatments

Gingival embrasures: aesthetic orthodontic treatments

Gingival embrasures, those black spaces between the teeth and the gums, are a common aesthetic problem, especially in adults, after severe crowding has been corrected — whether with self-ligating brackets, Invisalign or incognito invisible lingual braces — and when there are periodontal (gum) problems. In many cases, they represent a significant aesthetic problem, since they give the smile an aged appearance.

troneras gingivales tratamientos ortodoncia estetica

Embrasures form when the distance between the bone level and the point of contact between the teeth is around 5 mm or greater. As a result, a triangle forms that is too large for the gums to “fill in”.

troneras gingvales

While there are surgical techniques to increase the papilla, in many cases it is most practical and least invasive to fill in these black holes with composite (filling material) or porcelain veneers which yields excellent results. On the other hand, there is the option of making the point of contact closer to the bone by doing “stripping” or reduction between the teeth. It must be known that this is not always possible and that sometimes a combination of several procedures is needed to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Real-life cases of gingival embrasures

After the lower crowding was straightened, a few large embrasures that were difficult to fill in remained. For this reason, the patient was offered porcelain veneers, but she chose to fill in the holes with composite. It can be seen that the result was good, although we could have achieved better results with porcelain veneers. (work of Dr Lorena Herrero)

Casos reales de troneras gingivales, tratamientos

After a lower incisor was removed due to space requirements, it was decided to fill in the embrasures with composite. (work of Dr Lorena Herrero)

relleno de troneras con composite

In this case, there was an embrasure between the upper central incisors, and so it was decided to even out the gum lines and later aesthetically reconstruct the incisal edges and close the embrasure. (work of Dr Lorena Herrero)

reconstruir estéticamente los bordes incisales y cerrar la tronera

A patient came due to the “black hole” between the upper central incisors. The black space closed after a short orthodontic treatment. Stripping or reduction between the teeth in the embrasure eliminated this black space between the upper central incisors and others that cannot be seen in the image.

 stripping o reducción interproximal en la tronera

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