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Insignia — custom braces

Insignia — custom braces


Ormco Insignia uses a high-resolution scan of a silicone measurement taken by the orthodontist to create a very precise virtual 3D model of the patient’s dental anatomy. The Insignia program uses more than 40,000 data points for each of the patient’s teeth, and identifies, coordinates and designs the patient’s dental arches to achieve the best possible bite. Insignia allows maximum control of movements so that the orthodontist can finish the case perfectly. The Insignia Approver program allows the teeth and the set-up of the end result to be viewed in great detail. Due to its many view and rotation options, each case can be perfected and aesthetic adjustments can be made to achieve a truly unique smile based on the parameters recorded in the study prior to treatment. You can read more about the smile study.

The major advantage is that Insignia allows appliances to be custom-made for each patient and each treatment in order to reduce mid-treatment adjustments and achieve predictable, high-precision results.

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