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Invisalign from the 1st visit to treatment: What happens at Ortodoncia Friedländer Barcelona?

Invisalign from the 1st visit to treatment: What happens at Ortodoncia Friedländer Barcelona?

Treatment with Invisalign consists of a series of removable, nearly invisible transparent aligners that are replaced every two weeks with a new set of aligners. Each aligner is specifically made for the patient’s teeth and to do previously planned movement of the teeth. As treatment progresses and the aligners are replaced, the teeth move little by little, until at the end of treatment they are aligned in the final position prescribed by the orthodontist.

All dental movements with Invisalign are planned in advance using a virtual 3D treatment program called Clincheck. Clincheck shows the movements to be made by the teeth during treatment. This way, it is known from the beginning how the teeth will look at the end of treatment. The transparent aligners are custom-made based on the Clincheck program treatment plan.

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From the 1st Visit to Treatment: What Happens?

  1. 1st visit and general information: At the 1st visit, we do a general assessment of your malocclusion and inform you of your treatment options.
  2. Study visit: At the study visit, we take photos of your face and your mouth and take X-rays and special silicone measurements, based on which we plan your treatment.
  3. Informative visit on treatment and results around 10 days after doing the study: After planning your treatment, we meet with you again to go over your treatment, the expected results, the treatment time, whether or not you will have to wear retainers, whether or not stripping is needed and if so how much, etc. If you are happy with the expected result, we agree to treatment at this visit. At this point, we have to wait until the aligners are made for us.
  4. Placement of the 1st aligner around 14 days after agreeing to treatment: At this visit, we start treatment with Invisalign and give you instructions on how to use the aligners.
  5. Treatment phase: In this phase, you replace the aligners every two weeks or on the dates specified on the little bags for the aligners.
  6. When treatment is finished, we assess whether it is necessary to do a refinement or place retention and end treatment.

Here you can see some cases treated with Invisalign: Case 23, Case 24 and Case 26.

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