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Invisalign G5 – Innovations in invisible braces for deep bite

Invisalign G5 – Innovations in invisible braces for deep bite

As of today, 24th February, Align Technology presents their new Invisalign G5 with innovations in invisible braces for deep bite. The new Invisalign G5 system will be available in all our treatments with Invisalign esthetic braces. Align Technology announced in December the Invisalign G5 launch with innovations and new characteristics for treatment with Invisalign invisible braces. Some of the new Invisalign G5 characteristics include:

  • New SmartForce® attachments and new areas of controlled pressure, designed to flatten the Curve of Spee by increased control of the anterior intrusion and the extrusion of premolars, in order to achieve more predictable treatments for deep bite .
  • Precision bite blocks to keep the back teeth from closing completely (disocclusion), in order to obtain better results in the treatment of increased overbite or deep bite.

innovaciones en Invisalign G5

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