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Is it true that with Damon system braces no extractions are needed?

Is it true that with Damon system braces no extractions are needed?

If this were true, the Damon self-ligating orthodontic system would be a miracle. No orthodontist likes to pull healthy teeth unnecessarily, and whenever we can, we try to perform  treatment without extractions. There are cases where extractions are almost “mandatory” in order to improve the bite, esthetics and periodontal health (of the gums), as with this patient here. No system or technique, not even Damon system braces, can avoid extractions when these are needed, regardless of whether self-ligating braces, Invisalign or invisible lingual braces are used.

Dental extractions in orthodontics: yes or no?

The need for extractions is not determined by the type of bracket or the orthodontic technique that is used, but rather by a specific, correct diagnosis for each patient. The facial shape and pattern, the osteodental discrepancy (whether there is a lack of space), the amount of overbite and/or overjet, type of malocclusion, etc., are some of the many factors that we study and take into account before and during orthodontic treatment. Dental extractions can be very harmful to the esthetics of teeth, face and smile; however, if a correct diagnostic study, and a correct treatment, have been carried out, they can be beneficial for all of the above.

The decision to not do extractions in cases where they are required, can often become harmful to the patient’s health; to the gums, and to dental and facial esthetics. There is no type of bracket or technique of any kind that can eliminate the need for extractions. The indication of whether or not to extract teeth should come from the existence of a real need.

In certain cases, and with good planning, stripping or interproximal reduction can be an alternative to extraction.

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