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Microscrews in braces: What exactly are they?

Microscrews in braces: What exactly are they?

Microscrews are very small screws, ranging from 1.4 mm to 2.0 mm in thickness and from 6 mm to 12 mm in length. I used a special macro lens to take the close-up photos that appear below.

Microscrews substantially changed orthodontia by allowing dental movements to be performed that in the past were impossible or very difficult to perform. They allow treatment to be finished in less time and provide more control over moving groups of teeth.

While some patients may have certain very understandable fears about having microscrews placed, patient comfort improves radically thanks to microscrews during the year/year and a half of treatment. In the past, to achieve certain movements, large and very uncomfortable appliances were placed in the palate and lower front of the mouth. The appliances made it difficult to speak and swallow, accumulated dirt, and were very difficult to clean. Nowadays, all this is history.

Microscrew placement

As in everything, there are many different brands and varieties of microscrews. The oldest microscrews required a small incision (cut) in the gums so that they could be placed through a small hole prepared in advance.

Nowadays, placement has become a very simple procedure that takes approximately 30 seconds, thanks to self-drilling and self-tapping screws. This means that it is no longer necessary to make any incisions or holes prior to placement. The same screw is equipped with an active part (see photo) that allows this type of placement.

microtornillos en ortodoncia que son

Detail of microscrew head

colocación de microtornillos en ortodoncia

The microscrew head is the part that remains visible in the mouth and attaches to springs, elastic bands and any other orthodontic attachments..

tratamiento con microtornillos en barcelona

After placing the microscrew, I give instructions to the patient and examine it directly at the next scheduled visit.

Here you can see a case treated with 4 microscrews.

To find out more about the procedure and how the patient feels afterwards, go to instructions for the patient after microscrew placement.

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