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News last month: course at the University of Barcelona and changes to our blog

News last month: course at the University of Barcelona and changes to our blog

It’s been more than a month without any new blog entries for several reasons; last month we have had several changes to the blog and to the case website. All our cases will appear on a website dedicated to resolved cases with an option to search cases using a filter in the advanced search functionPatient testimonials and experiences will also be available on the case website.

friedlander orthodontics barcelona course at the University of Barcelona

Lecturing at the University of Barcelona

In other news, I was invited to give a course on the Master’s in Orthodontics at the University of Barcelona, the same university where I graduated years ago. This past month I have been busy preparing for it. Last Friday on July 1st I had the pleasure of teaching the course on our working approach and, biomechanics with microscrews and distal anchorage philosophy in orthodontic treatments (cases 38, 39, 42 were treated with this philosophy).


New website for patient cases and experiences


Advanced search filters in the case website

In the next blog entry I will discuss the options patients have when they are facing the loss of a tooth; Close the space or place an implant?

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