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Procedures in orthodontia: stripping or reduction of the enamel between the teeth to gain space

Procedures in orthodontia: stripping or reduction of the enamel between the teeth to gain space

Most people have some degree of dental crowding. Dental crowding is a lack of space for all teeth, and tends to increase with age.

Braces solve the problem of dental crowding, regardless of the technique used — invisible lingual braces, Invisalign, self-ligating brackets, etc.

One way to gain space in the dental arches is to do slight expansion — make the mouth wider and thus position the teeth in their sockets at the proper angles.

When there is severe crowding, very limited space, as an orthodontist I can remove a tooth to make space in the crowded arch and thus allow the proper placement of the teeth.

When there is moderate crowding, space is not so limited that teeth have to be removed, and if I were to remove teeth, there would be excess space. If space were not gained somehow the teeth would straighten out, but they would remain very forced outwards, and there could be significant gum problems, as the teeth could be pushed out of their sockets. In this case, the solution is teeth stripping or reduction of the enamel between the teeth. With teeth stripping, I can create space for all crowded teeth.

The enamel at the points of contact between the teeth is quite thick, second in thickness only to the cuspids. Stripping removes a few tenths of a millimetre from each tooth, thus creating a little space between two teeth. Repeating the procedure in several places creates a few millimetres of space.

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If stripping is done with a painstaking and meticulous technique, it has no negative effects on the teeth or the gums.

     1. It does not increase sensitivity — as it is limited to the enamel alone.

     2. It does not increase the risk of cavities.

     3. It does not injure or harm the gums — if the gums are properly protected when it is done.

Several different methods can be used to do stripping, such as using very fine fretsaws, very fine discs, manual polishing strips and so on.

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