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Retention: How are results maintained after orthodontic treatment?

Retention: How are results maintained after orthodontic treatment?

Retention phase in braces

The retention phase consists of retaining the teeth or maintaining the results achieved in orthodontic treatment.

After orthodontic treatment of any kind — invisible lingual braces with internal brackets, Invisalign or external brackets — the teeth always tend to return to their original position. So that this does not happen, I place a special wire on the inner part of the lower front teeth and sometimes also the upper front teeth.

Over this type of retention or dental retainer, I tend to place a removable transparent appliance for the patient to use when sleeping. This way, I make sure that the teeth remain firmly in place, that there is no treatment relapse and that the results obtained with treatment are not lost.

I always prefer to err on the side of caution, and so ALL orthodontic patients have to wear fixed and removable retention at the end of treatment.

Fixed retention does not create any kind of discomfort, since the wire that is placed is very thin, and the cement that glues it to the teeth is placed in the shape of half a flattened round ball, which is very comfortable.

retenedores dentales transparentes tras ortodoncia

Before and after treatment with fixed dental retainers:

fase de retención en ortodoncia

Tratamiento con retenedores en ortodoncia

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