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The price of good treatment — it isn’t expensive if it’s worth it!

The price of good treatment — it isn’t expensive if it’s worth it!

I found this entry in a dentistry blog by Dr Jon Gurrea in Bilbao.

It’s a fantastic blog. I found his way of explaining why good dentistry treatment isn’t expensive if it’s worth it very interesting.

Using the best, highest quality, most modern equipment is not the same as using cheap, old, poor quality equipment.

The hands of a professional are one of the most important factors in orthodontic treatment.

Regarding case documentation, a good professional will have an extensive album of treatments and be able to show and explain them to patients.

Here you can access this blog entry, which is very closely related to one of my entries on how to find a good orthodontist. This part of his blog talks about orthodontia. (The photo is taken from his blog.) This entry and this entry show that cheap is expensive in the long run.


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