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Why do we do extractions in orthodontics?

Why do we do extractions in orthodontics?

Extractions in orthodontics is a very “hot” topic … there has always been much controversy about whether to do extractions … and if extractions are done, what teeth to extract.

So … Why are extractions done in orthodontics?

I believe the answer lies in the middle ground. There are cases with a lot of crowding, and if we level the teeth without removing any piece, we will certainly cause a significant gum problem (gingival recessions, and maybe even draw a tooth out of the bone), leaving the mouth so forced that the problem will return shortly after the braces are removed.

1. Extractions because of crowding, and gum health

Extracciones por apiñamiento

Treatment of severe crowding with extractions

2. Extractions also help uscompensate for skeletal problems(of the maxillary bones) with dental movement, for example a Class II (retruded mandible) can be treated with 2 extractions of upper premolars. When we have to do some complex movement, such as centering the midline of the teeth, extractions facilitate this.

 Centering the midline

tratamiento extracciones en ortodonciatratamiento extraccion dental

Extractions are not something to be afraid of. Of course it is better to preserve the maximum number of teeth, but if they are neither functional nor esthetic nor healthy, in my opinion it is better to have fewer teeth in your mouth, but teeth that look nice and are functional with good occlusion (a good bite).

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